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Billy McCafferty, Denver, CO

Lessons Available On Play Blues Piano...

  • Jazz and Blues Piano Part 7
  • 04-A Few Endings Pt 2
  • 03-A Few Endings Pt 1
  • 02-Fast Triplet Line
  • 01-Lick #2 2nd Chorus
  • 05-Increasing Speed
  • 04-Practice Habits
  • 03-Main Lick and Intro
  • 02-Bassline Getting the Groove
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Wrap Up
  • 03-Riff #4 with bassline
  • 02-Riff #4
  • 01-Riff #3 with bassline
  • 02-Refresher & Basslines
  • 01-Introduction
  • 05-Riff #3
  • 04-Bassline #2
  • 03-Riff #1 and #2
  • 04-Intros and Endings
  • 03-Riff with Comping
  • 02-Create Your Own Riffs
  • 01-Left and Right Hand Variations
  • 05-More Bass Lines
  • 04-Right Hand Riff
  • 03-Getting the Groove
  • 02-The Basics
  • 01-Introduction
  • 05-Taking it Out in m4
  • 04-3 Ways to fill space
  • 03-Another Blues Scale
  • 02-Concerted Comping
  • 01-Introduction
  • 06-Displacing the beat
  • 05-Putting it all together
  • 04-Generating improvisation ideas Pt. 2
  • 03-Generating improvisation ideas
  • 02-Scales
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Bonus-Descending harmony trick
  • 03-Practice exercises
  • 02-M11-Standard ending
  • 01-M9-Must have blues lick
  • 04-M7-Descending Harmony
  • 03-M4-Tweaking a ii-V-I
  • 02-M1-Tritone Substitution
  • 01-Introduction
  • 03-Working With Basslines
  • 02-Tritone substitutions
  • 01-Altered Extensions
  • 04-More Advanced Changes
  • 03-More Alternate Changes
  • 02-Common Alternate Changes
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Walking Bassline Exercise 5
  • 03-Walking Bassline Exercise 4
  • 02-Walking Bassline Exercise 3
  • 01-Walking Bassline Exercise 2
  • 04-Walking Bassline Exercise 1
  • 03-Rootless Voicings for 12-Bar Blues
  • 02-Building Rootless Voicings
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Using Left Hand Basslines
  • 03-Classic Blues Ending
  • 02-Creating an Intro
  • 01-Transposing and Playing at a Faster Tempo
  • 04-Putting Hands Together
  • 03-Left Hand Shell Voicings
  • 02-Learning the Right Hand Melody
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Comping Practice
  • 03-Combining Parts and Skill
  • 02-Right Hand Riff 2
  • 01-Building Another Groove
  • 04-Bassline 2
  • 03-Building a 2-Handed Groove
  • 02-Left Hand Bassline
  • 01-Introduction
  • 04-Practice Ideas to Get You Grooving
  • 03-Playing Dominant 7th Chords
  • 02-Theory Time
  • 01-Advanced Turnaround
  • 04-Playing in a Shuffle Groove
  • 03-Playing in a Rock Groove
  • 02-Great Blues Chord Riff
  • 01-Introduction

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Thierry is a PianoWithWillie student since 2009 and is from Belgium. Here is his rendition of Dave Brubeck's classic - Take 5.

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